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Marijuana, E-cigarettes can impact the Heart as traditional Cigarettes, New Research

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According to a new study, vapes, marijuana, and e-cigarettes have similar cardiac effects to regular cigarettes.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, uncovered evidence in a recent study that e-cigarettes and marijuana have detrimental effects on the heart that are comparable to those caused by conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Previous Researches

According to studies, the public believes that nicotine vapes and cannabis products are less dangerous than cigarettes, which is why they have gained popularity in recent years. However, the current research highlighted the health dangers associated with these supposedly “safer” drugs.

New Research

According to a recent study that was just published on Tuesday in the journal Heart Rhythm, smoking, vaping, and marijuana joints all have health implications that can lead to irregular heart rhythms.

Lead author Dr. Huiliang Qiu, a postdoctoral scholar at the UCSF Division of Cardiology, stated in a news release that “we observed that cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and marijuana severely interfere with the electrical activity, structure, and neurological regulation of the heart.” “Frequently, an arrhythmia condition can be caused by a single alteration. These harmful consequences on the heart are, regrettably, rather extensive.

Researchers Analysis

Researchers said that for the heart to function properly, blood must be pumped effectively and at the proper time. The heart can act asynchronously, which means that it will battle against itself rather than work as a single effective pump if any section of the organ is unable to handle those electrical signals appropriately.

Researchers have found that this can result in arrhythmias that can be fatal.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have already noted that marijuana usage can raise blood pressure and cause the heart to beat more quickly. It may also result in a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, or other vascular illnesses.

The goal of the UCSF study was to find out if using new tobacco products or marijuana could produce proarrhythmic substrate and ultimately result in arrhythmias.


The study’s methodology is described as follows: “Rats were exposed to tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke or marijuana smoke depleted of cannabinoids, aerosol from electronic cigarettes or heated tobacco products, or pure air once daily for 8 weeks. In comparison to the clean air negative control group, the rats exposed to smoke or marijuana products showed gradually higher systolic blood pressure, lower cardiac systolic function with chamber dilation, and reduced total heart rate variability.

It’s interesting how similar the effects of all of these marijuana and tobacco products were. According to senior author Matthew Springer, Ph.D., a UCSF professor of cardiology, ” what’s truly amazing is that this was induced by a single actual smoking/vaping session each day.”

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Final Remarks

The conclusion is that marijuana cigarettes, IQOS, and e-cigarettes still carry many of the risks associated with tobacco smoking, according to Springer. None of these products can be taken for granted as a risk-free alternative to smoking.

Research Finance

The American Heart Association, the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, the National Institutes of Heart, the California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, and other collaborators financed the study.

According to a similar study released on Tuesday, marijuana smokers are more likely than cigarette smokers to experience some types of lung damage.

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