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Exciting News: HBO Shows May Soon to be on Netflix

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Potential Partnership: Netflix Considers Adding HBO Shows to Its Catalog

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, is dedicated to generating revenue quickly.

Despite a difficult period with cancellations and layoffs at HBO, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is dedicated to creating income quickly.

Potential Licencing Agreement Between Warner Bros. Discovery and Netflix

Exclusive Web Stories (EWS)—According to Deadline, Warner Bros. Discovery is thinking of granting Netflix access to HBO Original Series in an effort to boost the business’s financial results. However, there are certain concerns about the finalization of this agreement.

Potential Shows of Insecurity and More in the Licencing Agreement

According to reports, the critically acclaimed sitcom Insecure, produced by Issa Rae, is at the heart of this prospective deal. Insecure ran on HBO for five seasons until ending in December 2021. Additional shows may be included in the package.

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Warner Bros. Discovery’s Non-Exclusive Licencing Strategy

Max, Warner Bros. Discovery intends to keep the right to exhibit these licensed shows on its own platform, making the licensing agreement non-exclusive.

Several Streaming Networks and Licencing Arrangements

This possible streaming agreement continues the trend of TV series and films being available on numerous streaming networks. Avatar: The Way of Water, for example, is presently available to watch on both Disney Plus and Max due to contractual arrangements.

The First Major Streaming Deal for Warner Bros. Discovery

If the transaction goes through, it will be Warner Bros. Discovery’s first significant streaming deal since earlier this year, when it sold a collection of canceled titles to free ad-supported television (FAST) networks like Roku and Tubi.

HBO Max Relaunch Rebranding and Challenges

HBO Max was recently redesigned and relaunched as Max by Warner Bros. Discovery. A new price tier for 4K video content was launched as part of the rebranding. However, a hurried deployment resulted in an embarrassing error with the credits, necessitating an apology from WBD.

Upset WGA Writers and the Error

WBD erroneously bundled writers, directors, and other contributions under a single “creators” banner during the rebranding, sparking justifiable outrage among striking WGA writers.

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