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Laverne Cox With Garcelle Beauvais in Candid Conversation, “Pretty Privilege”

Laverne Cox is ready for more deep celebrity conversations on If We’re Being Honest, which brings Nov. 9. What’s more, in this sneak look at the E! series’ new episode, Laverne and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Garcelle Beauvais examine a public predisposition that is not frequently discussed.


Starting off the discussion, Laverne recalls, “I remember my companion Janet Mock was being interviewed by Oprah [Winfrey] on Super Soul Sunday, and Oprah was getting some information about ‘pretty privilege.'” The term alludes to how individuals are dealt with distinctively founded on their apparent magnificence.

As a trans lady, this predisposition is something Laverne has become exceptionally acquainted with throughout the long term. “I certainly didn’t begin feeling wonderful,” the Inventing Anna star continues, “however I generally figured out the force of magnificence, and there’s honor there.”

Be that as it may, as Laverne brings up, being seen as lovely in the public eye doesn’t mean you generally get off simple. “At the point when you’re favored, it doesn’t imply that your life is simpler than any other individual’s,” she notes, “however it implies there’s something you don’t need to ponder.”

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