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Identifying and Preventing Periodontitis with AI Technology

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A Boston-based startup created an AI platform that can identify and prevent periodontitis as artificial intelligence (AI) conquers the globe and continues to wow us with its accuracy and future promises.

Main Highlights

Learn how a Boston-based business developed an AI platform to detect and prevent periodontitis, often known as gum disease.

Learn about the global effect of periodontitis, which, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), affects over one billion people.

The AI technology used by VideaHealth successfully detects and treats periodontitis, decay, bone loss, and other gum health disorders.

Global Impact of Periodontitis:

Periodontitis, often known as gum disease, affects more than one billion people globally, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Ninety percent of dental practices in the US have access to a dental AI platform developed by Boston-based VideaHealth. The business’ AI technology successfully identified and stopped periodontitis, decay, bone loss, and other difficulties with the health of the gums.

FDA Approval: VideaHealth’s AI System Receives Regulatory Recognition

The FDA has also given its approval to the AI system created by VideaHealth. According to the business, it evaluates X-ray pictures taken of patients using an algorithm that has been trained on hundreds of millions of data points, which is 50 times more than the average dentist will view in their lifetime.

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“Dentists may use VideaAI to check X-rays for cavities and radiographic bone level results and compare them to our AI algorithms,” said Florian Hillen, founder and CEO of VideaHealth and an AI research fellow at Harvard Business School.

In what ways do AI-based dental screenings aid in the diagnosis and planning of treatments?

X-ray analysis is employed in standard dental screenings for diagnosis and treatment planning, although 50% of tooth decay is overlooked and 30% of cases result in a false positive.

However, Hillen told Fox News that VideaHealth’s method allows for 43% greater cavity detection and a 50% reduction in mistake rates, as well as a 15% reduction in false positives.

Our study provides better preventative treatment and more precise diagnosis.

Additionally, AI can assist dentists in optimizing patient operations.

Additionally, VideaAI provides dentists with the knowledge and assurance they need to interact with patients more effectively, according to Hillen.

In addition, he continued, “It aids dentists in streamlining workflows in their offices, reducing human error and mistakes.”

The AI tool helps patients have better dental health by identifying oral disorders, lesions, and cavities early on when they are still manageable.

The danger of medical consequences from conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments can be greatly reduced with the correct dental treatment, according to Hillen.

By providing patients with “the complete picture,” AI also aids in boosting patients’ trust, according to Hillen.

Many dental connections nowadays are asymmetrical, he observed. Patients might request a therapy they don’t require since they are unsure of whether they need X-rays or the treatment plan.

Hillen noted that historically, “the majority of the time, they don’t,” people don’t always follow their dentists’ advice. As a result, the oral problems keep getting worse until they become serious.

Can dental AI take the place of actual dentists?

Dental AI, according to experts, is not intended to take the position of qualified dentists, even though it has been proven to enhance patient outcomes and practice efficiency.

“Dentists and hygienists will always remain a critical part of the equation in disease diagnostics, as they have the context of years of experience, patient histories, and in-person examinations,” the company’s chief clinical officer, Michael A. Scialabba, DDS, of Boston, told Fox News Digital.

“At the end of the day, it’s a combination of AI and using human experience, and it’s a tool for dentists to use,” he added.

Statistical Data:

1-According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), gum disease, known as periodontitis, affects over one billion people globally.

2-VideaHealth’s AI platform for dental screenings is available in 90% of dental practices in the US.

3-VideaHealth’s AI technology successfully identifies periodontitis, decay, bone loss, and other gum health difficulties.

4-The AI system developed by VideaHealth has received approval from the FDA.

5-VideaAI provides 43% greater cavity detection compared to traditional methods.

6-With VideaAI, there is a 50% reduction in mistake rates, leading to more accurate diagnosis.

7-VideaAI helps reduce false positives by 15%, enabling more precise treatment planning.

8-Dental AI screenings can aid in optimizing patient operations and streamlining workflows in dental offices, reducing human error and mistakes.

9-Early identification of oral disorders, lesions, and cavities through AI technology improves dental health outcomes for patients.

10-Correct dental treatment facilitated by AI can significantly reduce the risk of medical consequences related to conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

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A Boston-based startup’s invention of an AI platform has revolutionized the profession of dentistry by efficiently recognizing and preventing periodontitis, often known as gum disease.

With over one billion individuals impacted by this ailment globally, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognizes the significance of this breakthrough.

VideaHealth’s dental AI platform has seen widespread acceptance, with 90% of dental practices in the United States utilizing this ground-breaking technology. The FDA’s clearance adds to its legitimacy.

To summarise, artificial intelligence-based dental screens have emerged as a strong tool in dentistry, revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment planning. While dental AI improves patient outcomes and practice efficiency, it must be used in tandem with the experience of dentists and hygienists. This convergence of AI and human experience is the future of dentistry, providing patients with incredible accuracy and superior oral healthcare.

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