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How To Check If Linkedin Insight Tag Is Working

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Exclusive Web Stories)— How to check if Linkedin Insight Tag is working

Because of my extensive experience with LinkedIn, I know how crucial it is to implement the LinkedIn Insight Tag to collect data on your website’s audience and activity.

You may improve your marketing tactics and see greater returns on investment by monitoring the performance of your LinkedIn ads and drawing conclusions based on the data you collect.

Find out if your LinkedIn Insight Tag is doing its job properly with the help of this article.

LinkedIn Insight Tag: What Does It Mean?

Businesses and advertising can benefit greatly from using the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

It’s a small piece of JavaScript code that you embed onto your website to track users who come from LinkedIn and interact with your campaigns.

Visitors to your website who are also members of LinkedIn can now have their page visits, conversion rates, and profile data tracked with this tag.

Making sure the LinkedIn Insight Tag is set up properly:

Generate the Insight Tag:

To create an Insight Tag, go to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account’s “Insight Tag” area. To get the tag code, do what it says.

Install the Tag on your website:

Once you have the code snippet, add it at the bottom of each page of your website, preferably right before the closing /head> tag.

Ensure the tag is used on all applicable pages to obtain complete statistics.

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Verify installation with the LinkedIn Insight Tag Helper:

You may ensure the browser extension is properly set up using LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Insight Tag Helper.” You can use this extension on your website by installing it in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and then activating it.

If the tag has been installed properly, the utility will verify it.

Check for the LinkedIn Pixel firing:

Using the LinkedIn Insight Tag Helper, you can see if the LinkedIn Pixel is firing properly on your website.

If your tag is active, a green checkmark or the word “Verified” will appear next to it.

Analyze the data in Campaign Manager:

Data analysis in LinkedIn Campaign Manager follows the successful deployment and confirmation of the Insight Tag.

Keep an eye on “Website Demographics” and “Conversion Tracking” to learn about your audience and your efforts’ success.

Conduct a Test Conversion:

Test your Insight Tag by converting some data to ensure it functions as expected. This could be done through various means, such as a pretend purchase, newsletter subscription, or contact form submission.

After some time, check to see if the conversion has been recorded in Campaign Manager.

Troubleshoot if necessary:

If you run into any problems with the verification process, LinkedIn has a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to assist you in identifying and resolving the most frequent issues.

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Bottom Line:

The Insight Tag is an indispensable resource for businesses serious about getting the most out of their LinkedIn advertising initiatives.

You may improve your marketing efforts by keeping close tabs on your website’s traffic and using that data to conclude your audience.

You can check if your LinkedIn Insight Tag is capturing the right data by following the instructions in this article, giving you confidence in your ability to fine-tune your advertising and reach your marketing objectives.


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