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Breaking: Indiana Recycling Factory on Fire Causes Evacuation

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Indiana recycling factory fire causes evacuation orders for thousands of people, as it releases hazardous smoke, according to officials. And it can burn for days.

(Exclusive Web Stories)— Over 2,000 people were given evacuation orders after a fire broke out at a recycling facility in Richmond, Indiana, on Tuesday afternoon. The fire is expected to continue for several days, according to officials.

Polymers were among the goods burning inside the business, and Indiana State Fire Marshal Steve Jones said in a news briefing that the smoke, which rose from the site Tuesday as a thick, black column, is “certainly poisonous.”

Jones stated Tuesday night that he anticipates the fire will burn for days and added, “There are a variety of different chemicals that plastics give off when they’re on fire, and it’s frightening. We want to make sure we give folks a heads-up on an evacuation.”

It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the fire at the semi-trailer.

According to Brown, it’s the biggest fire he has likely ever seen.

According to Brown, “As the fire got out of control, it darkened down on us, (and) we quickly backed out and then went into defensive posture.”

At the scene, the fire spread to multiple buildings, but firefighters were able to contain it before it reached any homes, according to Brown.

The source of the fire is unknown, and it probably won’t be discovered until after it has been put out. Assisting with the investigation is the State Fire Marshal’s Office, which is present. Officials from Wayne County Emergency Management Agency said.

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  1. “Wow, this is truly concerning news! It’s incredibly important to address and learn from incidents like these to prevent further damage in the future. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the fire, and kudos to the authorities for successfully evacuating the area. Thank you for keeping us informed, Exclusive Web Stories! Stay safe, everyone. – Martin Williamson”


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