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AI at FIFA World Cup 2022, to control temperature

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AI Artificial intelligence at World Cup 2022 to keep an eye on the crowd and temperature.


Qatar has set up the tech control center point that utilizes AI to Observe the spectators and temperature

With more than 1.2 million fans expected in the country for the World Cup, Qatar has set up a tech center point that utilizes AI to watch out for the crowd and even control the temperature of the stadium.

More than 100 professionals will be working nonstop at the Control Center, intently checking pictures moving quickly over their screens using 200,000 coordinated units, from 22,000 surveillance cameras spread across each of the eight World Cup stadiums.

From here, they can work section entryways, guarantee running water, and keep the forced air systems murmuring easily.

The technology of Facial recognition will empower the team to focus on every one of the 80,000 seats at Lusail Stadium, which is set to have 10 matches, including the Final.

Specialists from network safety to anti-terrorism ships will be positioned in the middle, alongside Qatari and FIFA authorities.

Hamad Ahmed al-Mohannadi, the control center’s director.

“With one click you can shift from one stadium to [another] stadium, because we have everything integrated through our centralized platform, in terms of facility management, security, health and safety, and ICT [information and communications technology] operations,”

Niyas Abdulrahiman, the control center’s chief technology officer.

“We have the crowd control team and security staff on the ground, and we have the law enforcement agencies and we are complementing their decision-making with data. So that’s very unique,

He further explained, that With the help of AI, the control center can count the number of people within a space and apply a threshold. All the stadiums are air-conditioned. On the off chance that there is a temperature change inside the stadiums, sensors from the control center can pick up the data and prompt an adjustment.

This is the fate of how sports will be covered, say the professionals, some of who have worked in the background since the 2006 Asian Games, which Qatar facilitated. They simply have a lot more contraptions available to them, presently.



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