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“Absolutely unjust” On the eve of the World Cup, FIFA President Infantino criticizes Europe’s “hypocrisy”

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: In an astounding statement, FIFA President Infantino criticizes Europe’s “hypocrisy”

In a fiery hour-long diatribe on the eve of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, FIFA President Gianni Infantino unleashed a tirade against Western detractors of the contentious event.


As he addressed hundreds of medias in Doha, Qatar, on Saturday, Infantino, the head of world soccer’s governing body, observed somberly.

Regarding critiques of Qatar’s human rights record, he remarked, “We are taught many lessons from Europeans, from the Western world.

“Before beginning to impart moral teachings, we Europeans should be making amends for the next 3,000 years for what we have been doing for the past 3,000 years.”

Western Hypocrisy

Infantino barely mentioned soccer despite the first game beginning on November 20. Instead, he concentrated on what he called the “hypocrisy” of Western criticism.

Infantino gave a wonderful news conference, but he appeared worn out. He has devoted a lot of time to defending FIFA’s choice to grant Qatar the World Cup in 2010. a contentious choice made when he wasn’t in charge of the governing body.

Infantino acknowledged that there were problems but called some criticism “profoundly wrong” and charged the West with having double standards.

The Italian spoke for an hour at the start of the news conference, telling journalists that he had experienced bullying as a child because of his red hair and freckles and that he knew what it was like to be treated unfairly.

“I feel Qatari today. I feel Arab today. My current mood is African. I feel gay today. I feel unable today. In front of a dumbfounded crowd, he said, “Today I feel like a migrant worker.

“I feel this, all this, because of what I have been hearing and seeing; if I read, I guess I would be melancholy.

Alcohol Banned Issue

Infantino also responded to inquiries over the last-minute decision to forbid the sale of alcohol at the eight stadiums that will serve as the sites of the 64 games that make up the tournament. The governing organization FIFA announced on Friday that alcohol would be offered in fan zones and authorized locations.

Qatar had announced in September that it would allow ticketed supporters to purchase alcoholic beverages at World Cup stadiums three hours prior to kickoff and for one hour following the final whistle, but not while the game was in progress.

Let me first reassure you that every choice made during this World Cup is a result of a collaboration between FIFA and Qatar, he said. Every choice is debated, discussed, and reached collectively.

“In Qatar, there will be more than 200 locations where you may buy alcohol, along with more than 10 fan zones where more than 100,000 people can consume alcohol at once.

“I strongly believe that you can exist without drinking a beer for three hours a day.”

Particularly considering that the same regulations already apply in Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, and other countries where beer is currently not permitted in stadiums.

“I don’t know why, but it appears to become a big deal since it’s a Muslim country.”


In response to worries from the LGBTQ community, Infantino insisted that everyone will be secure in Qatar as he concluded the news conference.

Despite the fact that homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and is subject to a three-year prison sentence, FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated that this tournament was open to all.


“FIFA clearly requires this. Everyone must be accepted, and whoever comes to Qatar is welcome regardless of their color, sexual orientation, or other beliefs. All are welcome. This was our demand, and the state of Qatar upholds that demand,” Infantino said.


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